Economic Analysis

Economic analysis is the most commonly used method for determining the efficiency of a new project. It is also known as cost analysis. The purpose of an economic study is to demonstrate the net benefit of a proposed project for accepting or disbursing funds/benefits. It helps in identifying profit against investment expected from a project. Cost and time are the most essential factors involved in this field of study.

ICPDC is an ideal destination for an organization who need to do an economic feasibility for a project. The highly qualified and experienced professionals from the relative field perform the research with excellent proficiency. While we do the study, we always consider the essential factors needed to carry out a successful project. The study is based on cost and time. Under the cost-based study, we evaluate the development cost and the operating cost. We also calculate an approximate Pay Back Period (PBP) keeping in mind the future value of the project. During the process of economic study, we follow certain best practices to get the desired result as follows:

  • Capital Investment
  • Operating Cost
  • Net Profit
  • Cash Flow Diagram
  • Net Present Value (NPV)/ Modified NPV (MNPV)/ NPV Equity (NPVE)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)/ Modified IRR (MIRR)/ IRR Equity (IRRE)
  • Sensibility Analysis
  • Risk Analysis

ICPDC is the best consultant if you have any doubts about the success of your next business projects.