Phase III Industrial Park Master Planning

Ultimate objective of this phase is providing Master Plan of an Industrial Park. This document is not just a layout plan but has much greater complexity and value. It is a challenge which leads to enhance production and maximize net profit. At first, the value chains which is created in previous phase are studied for managing the priority of processes and units.

Then strategic issues such as Park Business Model, technology transfer, and environmental/ social/ political feasibility of park  are analyzed. In the next step, concept study in performed to depict a concept of basic parts of industrial units, chains and park. Items such as Block Flow Diagram (BFD), primary process simulation, process selection /requirement/strategy, cost Estimates (CAPEX & OPEX), Layout and … should be considered as target of conceptual design strategy to minimize the likelihood of error, manage costs, Assess Risks, and evaluate the potential success of the intended project. Phasing execution is planned with regards to phasing of investment, prioritization of time, prioritization of ownership and… . Finally roadmap enables decision makers craft decisions that can achieve the most desirable outcome.

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