About Us

Iranian Chemical Parks Development Company (ICPDC) was founded based on the insufficiency of value chains in chemical industry. ICPDC “as a fully private company” consults and cooperates with governmental organizations, such as The Center for Progress and Development (CPDI) of Iran Presidency, or non-governmental companies in a wide range of project disciplines like design, scientific and industrial consultant, MC, etc.

ICPDC has been consisted of experienced team in professional consulting and trading services for industrial units/chemical parks design or development. We cooperate with customers in order to take another look at the world for a more productive and sustainable future.


Who We Are

We are globally recognized consulting and service leader that provide innovative solutions to utilities, energy enterprises, chemical companies and government entities all over I.R.Iran.

What We Do

We provide deep technical expertise and regional knowledge to improve customer engagement, boost operational efficiency, reduce costs and achieve superior business results.

How We Do

We strive to build long-term relationships with Customers and Suppliers based on good faith, trust and respect. As part of our corporate strategy, our goal is to be responsible for the quality of the services which we offer.

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