Visions and Mission


focusing on the value chain, monitoring the various fields of industries, Attention to the strategic and competitive advantages, as well as maximum use of domestic resources of the country based on the general policies of the resistance economy are the strategic principles of this company.



As one of the best consulting companies in Mineral, chemical, and petrochemical industries, ICPDC includes skillful specialists who present their services based on the latest scientific principles with the purpose of encouraging investors to have more productivity and net profit, focusing on what they need.

Associated services are being performed in a reliable and high quality professionally way which are acceptable in national and international levels.


ICPDC company management, while announcing its commitment to this policy, calls for the participation of all employees, contractors and other stakeholders to realize it, and states:

  • All related national laws and regulations are obeyed and the performance of successful organizations are considered as role model.
  • Human resources are the most important capital of this company, and the protection of this capital is an essential priority.
  • Enhancing clients’ satisfaction by fulfilling the inserted conditions in the contracts.
  • Establishing effective communication with other domestic and foreign related companies in order to exchange experiences for improving the quality of services to the employer.
  • Increasing the knowledge and specialized ability of the staff in all areas of activity is performed through appropriate training and we will continuously improve our services.
  • Taking responsibility for the country development, environment, industrial progress, quality of production, and human resources.