Industrial Park Services

Industrial Park establishment as a new progressive pattern for economical and industrial development, is based on the integration of processes instead of individual and independent units. In other words, Industrial Parks emphasize the integration design of industrial plants, services and utilities with goal of optimizing the value chain through collective interactions between units and achieving sustainable development. This approach in accordance with reference rules of Islamic Republic of Iran, leads to value chain development, proper use of local resources, and achievement of competitive advantages and synergy benefits.
The features provided by this approach include the diversification of products along with their economic benefits, utilizing each other’s by-products and wastes, raising economic efficiency, environmental sustainability and, ultimately, the economic development of societies. The superior strategy in Industrial Parks establishment is assessment of the right place for each individual process units in value chain in order to take advantages and gain benefits of integrity.

ICPDC can promote investment into the Iranian industrial parks through collaboration, cooperation and united understanding. We also seek to localize the methods for designing and implementation industrial parks. We have also proposed a comprehensive package for promotion and advancement of Industrial Park in Iran. This package includes Iran existing condition of industries audit, benchmarking of some advanced Industrial Parks of the world, and localization of Industrial Parks design and implementation.

There are 4 phases to design and establish an
Industrial Park:
1– Basic Technical Studies;
2– Value Chain Design;
3– Industrial Park Planning;
4- Industrial Park Establishment .