Phase I Basic Technical studies

Basic technical studies phase includes investigation and introducing the main resources and infrastructures in the area of project location, introducing possible products based on resources, carrying out the pre-feasibility studies/pre-unfeasibility studies of these products.

ICPDC performs this phase in four stages. At first, location study or field study is conducted to determine the climate characteristics, geographic features and seismicity for specified area. Then specialists collecting data about all raw materials, existing and possible infrastructures, all feedstocks/ products/ requirements of active and under-construction plants, and human resources in desired region of the area by direct observation, interviewing, self-analysis and investigation of official documents. in the next stage, all conceivable products are introduced by brainstorming and pre-feasibility studies in three market/ technical/ financial aspect are provided for these products. Finally, the list of possible products are identified .

phase 1 industrial park