Iranian Chemical Parks Development Company (ICPDC) ,as a fully private company, has been established in Isfahan which is located in the center of Iran, with the aim of providing scientific and industrial consultations for governmental organizations, such as The Center for Progress and Development (CPDI) of Iran Presidency, or non-governmental companies in a wide range of project disciplines.
ICPDC was founded in 2017 based on need for value chain vision in the Iranian chemical industry. This company has consisted of experienced team in professional consulting and trading services for industrial units/chemical parks design or development.

Chemical parks emergence as an offshoot of globalization and, consequently, industry progress and restructuring has been a business model that brings together raw material suppliers, chemical manufacturers, intermediates and specialty-chemicals producers, infrastructure and service providers, and other companies at a single site. Today, the value chain look at different industries has been considered, and various industries, especially the chemical industry, are seeking to replace independent factories and units with integrated chains, followed by increased productivity, competitiveness and benefit. Clusters and especially chemical parks have been appeared among the world for several decades and more than 60 chemical parks have operated in some countries such as Germany and Saudi Arabia.
On the other hand, considering the abundant sources of raw materials and energy, as well as low cost of electricity and natural gas in Iran, this country offers an opportunity to invest in chemical design and development. As a result, listed benefits make Iran one of the best positions to invest in an individual sector or entire parts of chemical parks.