Conceptual Design

Following Feasibility, a concept study (Conceptualization, Conceptual Engineering) is performed. A concept study is the phase of project planning that includes producing ideas and taking into account the pros and cons of implementing those ideas. This stage of a project is done to minimize the Likelihood of Error, Manage Costs, Assess Risks, and Evaluate the Potential Success of the intended project.


Below item should be considered as target of conceptual design strategy:

  •  Feasibility Studies Summary & Result
  • Cost Estimates (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Compilation of User Requirements (URS)
  • Definition of Project Targets Together with the Company/Contractor
  • Mass and Energy Balances (for main /alternative scenario(s))
  • Primary Process Simulation
  • Process Selection /Requirement/Strategy
  • Evaluation and Comparison of Design Options (Best Case Scenario)
  • Layout Including Zone and Logistic Concepts